10 March 2008


There is something new to hit the Internet! Here is your treat for this week: Blogstars (but i say it like blogstarzzz). This is a new blog that I will contribute to every Monday. Us Blogstarz will be guiding readers through a exploration in the wacky and wonderful of Bulgaria. I hope you enjoy!

Inaugural pop! of the week post:

"It's hard to say exactly what's going on here, but from what I can tell, the sky is just a little bluer and maybe the birds have starting singing a little louder. Yes, that's right my friends, the nauseating and disappointing smell of perhaps the last seven months is quickly dispersing in the quick and fresh spring air. Daily awkward moments thrive in the sunlight, and I’m once again free to walk the streets without fear of snowballs launched at me. Oh there are many things about spring in Bulgaria that we wait throughout winter with anxiety for. Most obvious of course are the cute little sweethearts that eventually turn into street roving maniacs. Well, sure, it is open season for cat sex; but cut and dry, straight to the point, I'm talking about Bulgarian Music Idol.

To the best of my knowledge, there is nothing more serious here (save maybe Hristo Botev's beard) than our annual competition showcasing the best-voiced beauty in all the Balkans.

Look what at what we came up with last year:

and of course, the Balkan Whitney Houston:

This year gets off to an even better start: Ken Lee!

In this weekly Monday post, we will explore all the complexities of Bulgarian pop music. Stay tuned, the fun is just starting."


jeff & ash said...
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jeff & ash said...

That was the funniest thing I've ever seen! Ken Lee will forever be branded in my mind. I am a huge American Idol fan so this is right up my alley. Whitney Houston was, interesting to say the least- I'm trying to refrain from being rude because that was a serious moment for them. The lady judge even looks like Paula Abdul. I love it. Is there a Simon Cowell too? It's sad that even though we (U.S.) are so corrupt in terms of many things, everyone still wants to be like us.

Nick Wood said...

I really like the first song. I think it's damn cool. But Ken Lee is simply incredible, to say the least.