28 February 2008


Before peace corps I had the amazing opportunity to work with many incredible people who lived with Autism. This is a fascinating article (and be sure to watch the video) that explains the relatively new approach of respecting communicative attempts and nontraditional ways of thinking. The Truth About Autism: Scientists Reconsider What They Think They Know

This weekend I am going to Veliko Turnavo with a big group of youth from around the country. We will be planning campaigns for April (Roma day turned into month), developing website ideas, and brainstorming for exchange visits (that I just, minutes ago, got approved!) between other youth networks in Macedonia and Albania. Thankfully another volunteer will be coming with the youth who are from southwest Bulgaria. I am kinda freaking out, because this will be a big test of my 1) responsibility and 2) my Bulgarian.

Also this weekend is a national holdiay celebrating spring, followed by a national holiday celbrating the overthrow of Turkish oppression! Fun!

Next Week promises for you:
1) a full report, with pictures! of Turnavo
2) The return of Chalga Star of the week
3) a surprise.



underahundred said...

I got your voice mail. I wasn't screening but in the shower! Now I have a new phone (check facebook). Sorry I missed you and thanks for the birthday wishes.

jeff & ash said...

Look at you with all your hookups on the side of your page! You are starting to post more as well which is very very exciting =). I'm excited to see pix from your upcoming adventure. I used to babysit for a little boy with autism. He was one of the cutest little ones I've ever seen. Oh, and I will tell your Auntie Reg about your blog...she's very good at leaving daily comments because she just learned how to do it!

Роджър said...

mr. shaun. tell me more about how you set up the exchange...the mechanics and all. i am thinking about doing something like that for ATIP