03 December 2007

storming the castle

My friend Christopher McCarter visited me this weekend. He is studying in Berlin now and took a little side trip down to the BG to check out what was behind this so-called curtain. His perspective is interesting, of course cause he is "like totally" one of my best friends, but also because he already knows the east vs. west complex from living in Germany. We had a bangin time. He came in on Thursday, and helped me teach my English class on Friday. We visited the empty discos here in Razgrad and then bused down to Veliko Turnovo to storm the castle and experience chalga. He left this morning. It felt strange to have a visitor here before I myself am even acclimated to my surroundings. I can honestly say that I am terribly homesick. I wanted to get on the bus with Chris and keep on going with him. I know that my path is incredible, but sometimes it can be lonely. The people here are amazing and my fellow Peace Corps volunteers are great, but I miss my people. BUT it was cool to use my Bulgarian in front of a person who a) did not know Bulgarian and b) could not tell how bad it is. Yes!

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jeff & ash said...

Cousin! You look mean in that picture! You have nice little scarf but your expression looks mean! Ha ha. Keep up the posts and pictures...I am trying to update mine daily so you need to pick up the pace! Just kidding.

-Addie Boo