13 September 2007


Today I have the opportunity to visit my new home for the next two years. I am living in a wonderful town named Razgrad. It is very very old and instead of having many stray dogs it has many stray cats, which I like very much. The city is the cleanest that I have seen in Bulgaria.
I work for a Roma NGO called Integro. For now my job is not very clear, but there are some things that I know. I know that I will coordinate their Youth Development programs. The most significant of these will be their Youth Network. In this case, I am very fortunate to have my assignment. My job as coordinator of the Youth Network will allow me to travel all across Bulgaria helping Roma youth to organize.
My counterpart in the organization is an amazing individual. He is 27 and he is an assistant professor at the local university. He teaches methodology of the Romani language. He speaks 6 languages. He says he will teach me. After two years I should be fluent in Bulgarian and conversational in Romani, which is an international language. I hope also to learn some Turkish. The rest of my team is equally impressive.
In Razgrad there are two other Peace Corps volunteers, a married couple, who teach English. I met them today, and I am sure that they will be fine site mates for the next two years. There is also a American style supermarket that sells anything and everything I could ever want. Did I mention there is also an Italian restaurant across from my office?
I am so incredibly happy with my assignment.

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Wicked Cash said...

sounds perfect! Especially the travel. you must be excited.